Known for his traditional Italian and Southern European fare, Executive Chef Robert “Chef Bob” Anello, has had a lifelong passion for cooking with a natural flair for Italian cuisine. Growing up with Italian and Irish parents, Chef Bob’s love of cooking began right at home and propelled his culinary journey. With extensive knowledge in international cuisine Chef Bob began his culinary career, after serving in the United States Marine Corp and extensive international travel throughout the Orient and Southern Europe where he spent time with local Chefs of the regions and infuses those regional flavors into the dishes he has created throughout the years. As a graduate of Johnson & Wales and Connecticut Culinary Institute a professional with over 30years of experience as business owner and Executive Chef with some of the most well know international hospitality brands, Chef Bob credits his culinary expertise to the international mentors he has met along the way and thrives on educating and inspiring young professionals. When he is not in the kitchen, Chef Bob relaxes by enjoying deep water fishing and spending time with his family.

As the newest member of Allora, Chef Bob is committed to creating a sophisticated dining experience with a diverse selection of cuisine options that will expand your palate and take you on an unforgettable journey that will keep everyone coming back for more.

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